Balaklava High School - Balaklava High School

  Balaklava High School provides a comprehensive curriculum allowing students the opportunity to experience success in many fields of endeavour. Curriculum diversity is highly valued. Students are able to choose from more traditional academic pathways and from a broad range of vocational pathways including the school's more specialised areas of engineering, primary industries, building and construction, and hospitality.

  The school's values of positive relationships, respect, integrity, dedication and excellence underpin the school's operation. Further, the school's curriculum reflects our motto 'Excel today to challenge the future'. The school has a proud tradition of student success in both academic and vocational pathways and has a very strong reputation as a leading provider of high quality vocational programs. This has been further enhanced with Balaklava becoming the lead school in the development of the Lower North Centre of Trade Training.

  Balaklava High School is a caring country school that aims to equip students to excel. We are large enough to have broad curriculum choice and varied extra-curricular activities, and yet are small enough to have a real sense of community.

  School Values and Vision

  Our Values

  Positive Relationships





  Our Vision

  Through the highest quality teaching and in a caring learning environment, students are inspired and supported to achieve their best so that they can thrive in their life beyond school.

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