Box Hill Senior Secondary College - Box Hill Senior Secondary College

  Box Hill Senior truly celebrates and values diversity.

  Box Hill students have gone on to study medicine, law, engineering and commerce.

  Others have become chefs and builders.

  Some have established their own businesses or become artists or musicians.

  A number have been drafted to play AFL football and some have accepted scholarships to US colleges and schools to study as well as play basketball or tennis.

  At Box Hill what matters is not just HOW GOOD a student you are but HOW GOOD A PERSON you are and how hard you are prepared to work.

  The College has worked with leading educators to establish a code of teaching.

  The Code is based around five key areas:

  Existing knowledge - teachers will identify what students already know about a topic.

  Challenges - There will be a targeted learning challenges in ALL classes on a regular basis.

  Planning learning - Students will regularly think about what they are likely to learn in particular class or activity or while completing homework.

  Strategies - Students will be assisted to develop strategies for working effectively in all situations -- writing an essay, solving a maths problem, learning lines for a play or learning a piece of music, conducting a materials test, doing an exam question and so on;

  Reflection - Students will regularly review what has been learnt during a class or activity.

  Box Hill Senior has no uniform or school bells but it DOES have high expectations.

  We expect ALL members of our community (students AND staff) to perform at the highest possible standard.

  The relationships at Box Hill Senior are outstanding and students are treated fairly, with respect and as adults.


  To help get the best out of students, Box Hill Senior has put in place a number of unique support systems.

  First up is the school's mentoring program. Over the year students regularly meet one-on-one with their mentor and one of their key teachers. At these sessions students discuss whether they're achieving at the level that THEY expected and are provided with strategies and support to get where they want to go.

  Mentoring is supported and informed by the use of specialist software that helps develop a unique pathways plan to assist students as they move through school to work or further study.

  Specialist mentoring support with time management and study skills is provided when needed.

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