Princes Hill Secondary College - Princes Hill Secondary College

  The first Princes Hill school was established on this site in 1889. The current buildings were completed in 1973, winning awards for architectural excellence. The college has undergone extensive renovations in the past decade.

  In addition to the school buildings, the College has access to Princes Park at the rear of the school for recreational and sports activities, as well as its own gymnasium and two outside courts. The College also has its own school camp at Mirrimbah in the foothills of Mt. Buller. The school is uniquely located within the educational hub of inner Melbourne with access to the resources of The University of Melbourne, Museum and Zoo, all of which are within walking distance.

  The College provides for 840 students from Years 7-12. The College is non-selective and draws students from over 30 Primary schools in the Cities of Yarra, Melbourne, Moreland and Darebin, with about 20% of our students travelling from more distant suburbs.

  The quality and expertise of the College teaching staff is one of the great strengths of the school with many having served in consultancy and higher education roles. It is also a very stable team, with many staff having been at the school for seven years or more. There are also a number of recent graduates who add energy and innovation to the staff group.

  The mutual respect established in the school between students and staff contributes greatly to the quality of the teaching and learning environment of the school.

  The College Student Code of Conduct sets out clear guidelines and expectations for student conduct and progress with a particular focus upon recognising and rewarding student achievement. Participation in public events, performances and competitions is widely encouraged and successes are enthusiastically celebrated by the College.

  Our Guiding Principles

  Princes Hill Secondary College is the centre of a vibrant community of parents, students and teachers. All play an active part in the daily life, decisions and programs of the school. It is a community united by a shared belief in the importance of the following values:

  Community: belonging together and caring for each other

  Diversity: respecting and valuing individual and cultural difference

  Social Responsibility: a passionate commitment to ethical and socially just action

  Creativity: nurturing a spirit of innovative inquiry and expression

  Achievement: striving to set and reach challenging personal goals

  Self-reliance: the self-discipline and resilience required to achieve these goals

  These values underpin the teaching philosophy of the school, which recognises that every child is unique and the educational needs of each will be different. Equally the school program is founded upon the belief that every child is able to set and meet challenging goals. The College’s capacity to inspire each student to fulfil their potential is a key to the success of the school.

  You will find that these beliefs permeate and inform everything that the school does.

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